What Is The Single Best Way To Make Money Online

What Is The Single Best Way To Make Money OnlineWhen you are starting out in your journey to making money online if will be difficult to choose a path that will lead you to success. There is so much information on the web about what is the single best way to make money online, which may lead you to get confused on what you should pursue. I remember this is what happened to me when I was starting out. I was lucky to stumble across affiliate marketing, in my pursuit to finding ways of making online money and this has brought me great success up to now, I will share how with you below.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online business which is performance-based in which a business rewards you for each visitor or customer you bring by your own marketing efforts.

As an Affiliate marketer you will receive commission for different tasks that you will complete for a business, these can be in the form of a completed sales, clicks to business’ website or a sign ups.

This business model is the best way to make money online because it has a low barrier to entry, there is little to no capital needed to start it. All you need is a product, landing page and sending traffic to your landing page for you to be able to make money.

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Product?

Like I mentioned above you will need a product to promote for you to start making money online, the best part is there are 100s if not 1000s of places you can find products to promote. You can do this by looking for companies that want affiliates or by registering with affiliate marketing networks such as Maxbounty, Banner Edge Media and Clickbank. I have found great success through working with affiliate networks because these have so many products and services to choose from.

Maxbounty and Banner Edge Media are the best networks to work with if you are looking for cost per action offers (CPA) these are offers where you get paid for actions that a user makes such as product sign ups. Unlike product sign ups where you get paid for a purchase here you will get paid when a user registers for the product. CPA is the best to start with if you are a beginner because it is easy to get sign ups rather than purchases.

However, if you are looking for products that require purchases you can register with click bank. This I recommend you do if you already have an idea on how to promote affiliate products and you have money to spend on ads on platforms such as google, Facebook and Instagram.

Creating A Landing Page To Promote An Affiliate Product

After getting a product to promote you will need to create a landing page which will warm up your visitors before you send them to the product that you are promoting. The great part about landing page builders is that there are so many of them that are found online some of them free like quick pages and some you need to pay a monthly subscription like wealthy affiliate, It will all depend on what works best for you when you decide to choose a landing page builder.

You can promote an offer without a landing page but your conversion rate will not be that great so I wouldn’t advise you do that. When creating a landing page always make sure you create a page that fully describes the offer you are promoting and does not mislead your visitors to avoid being penalized by affiliate marketing networks. In some cases they might even terminate your account for misleading your users. Pro tip make sure you get their email addresses so that you get to promote other offers to them.

Sending Traffic To Your Affiliate Offer.

You can wake with the best affiliate marketing network and have the best affiliate offer with a conversion rate that is over 50% but if you do not have traffic to send to your offers you will never make money with affiliate marketing. There are so many places to get traffic, all you need to know is how to get it. Some people do not like the hustle associated with getting free traffic to their offers so they prefer using paid ads. However, as a beginner I advise you stick to free traffic until you know what you are doing.

Free traffic or organic traffic can be found from platforms such as Google and Bing, through SEO and Facebook through Facebook groups. Another way is creating a following on twitter a little as 1000 followers in twitter can make you sales.

Is $100 A Day Possible With Affiliate Marketing?

$100 a day doing affiliate marketing is very much possible all that is needed is to put in the effort and have a strategy that you are willing to follow through. To be honest with you, you do not need to use paid ads to make a hundred dollars in a day, free traffic is enough for you to make that amount.

Choose a CPA offer and go and create a Facebook group that targets that niche and you will definitely surplus that in a single day. Remember an online business does not sleep it works 24 hours a day and 100 dollars a day is just $4 an hour, so you just need to sell 24 products in a day that pay you $4. I have just opened you mind right, it is just that easy when choosing a product now make sure you choose something that pays more than $4. Is $100 A Day Possible With Affiliate Marketing?

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