What Is The Best Way To Promote Your NFTs?

NFTThe NFT space like the crypto space is growing very fast and so many people are creating their art and minting it into NFTs, It has created more supply than demand. If you are here you are one of those people on the supply side who has created their NFT but are having a hard time selling it.

In this article I am going to help you with the best way of promoting your NFT and creating hype around it which in turn will create demand for your art.

If you follow these steps you will definitely make your first sell as a noob in the NFT space, stick along.

Step 1, Create Value For Your NFT.

When you are promoting your art you have to understand what your audience is looking for, the nft space is new space and almost all the early adopters like the ones in the crypto space are looking for something that can make them a quick buck.

If you look at all the nft projects that have sold for so much money for example the crypto punks, most of the people who bought them are anticipating an increase in demand for them hance an increase in the price. Most of the buyers buy to flip not because of any sentimental value.

The buyer of your art will see value in your project in the increase of the flour price rather than in you as the content creator unless you are beeple who has created a name for himself in the space.

As a creator you are supposed to fulfil the need of the buyer which is to make money out of your NFT. The best way to do this is to create an NFT that has a stair stepper flow price where the price of your NFT increases by each release of your NFT.

This can be done this way, you have a collection of lets say 10 NFTs all you can list the initial at 0.01eth, the next at 0.02 and the next at 0.03 etc. When a potential buyer sees this rise in the flour they will buy in assuming there is demand for the piece of art and they are going to also make a profit when they sell.

Step 2 Story Telling

Before you launch your introduce the character you are working on launching to your audience, do not do it at once take a step by step approach when you are doing this.

The first step is to talk about what inspired you to come up with the particular art piece, remember you have to talk about something that resonates with your audience. The art piece has to have a connection with your audience when you launch it.

For example if there is a problem that you know most of your audience struggle with create an NFT collection which targets that problem. This will make it easy for your audience to adopt it and buy your NFT when you mint it.

Step 3 Have A Give Away

You have to warm up your audience and there is no best way to do this than to use a give away. If you managed to hype your NFT well by story telling a give away will help you get the project to a number of people since they will have to do something to get the NFT.

For example if you are promoting your NFT on twitter you can ask people to retweet for them to get a chance of owning one of your pieces.

Remember most of the people want to make a quick buck and if there is hype for your product they know they will be able to sell it when they get it. So they will do what ever it takes to get your art.

Step 4 Build A Community.

It is easy to sell your art if you have a community of people that believe in your work. This is the most important step and I think I should have put it on step one.

The best places to create a community are:

1. Twitter, here you will find the early adopters, the people that already have an idea what NFTs are, meaning it will be easy to sell to people on twitter since they understand the space more. When you are looking into building a community make sure twitter becomes your first step,

2. Discord – When you have a following make sure your followers know that you have a discord group, this will make it easy for them to interact with you.


When all is said and done make sure you have a way to capture interactions channels and ways to connect with you, this can be through a newsletter or through txt take your story off the marketplaces ( website ? funnel)

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