What Is A Legit Affiliate Program?

A legit affiliate marketing program is the one that will pay you for the marketing efforts you have made. There are some merchants that will have affiliate programs that convert well but they will not pay you when the day for payment comes. You as a beginner affiliate should make it a point that you should stay away from such merchants.

In this article I am going to share with you five tips that you can use to Identify if an affiliate program is legit or not.

Do Coupon Sites / Loyalty Sites To Rank For Their Trademark?

-link gets clicked your cookie is gone and you won’t get paid

-legit programs usually don’t allow this

your readers or followers may get cashback or rewards from loyalty sites – they will use you for research purposes and then go to loyalty sites which will make you lose revenue

Merchants Who Are Also Affiliates

As an affiliate you wouldn’t want to work for a middleman. They do not have any control over the product and will in most cases not provide you with the necessary information or terms for the promotion of the product, which might cause you problems in the future. Another issue is they are not the ones who pay you the owner of the program is the one who does meaning you will have to expect let payments or no payments at all in some cases.

Merchants That Display Ads

A merchant who is willing to get some pennies from the traffic that you are sending to them does not value your traffic. If the traffic you are sending to the is worth pennies why should they pay you dollars for it. These kinds of programs in some cases do not pay and I advise you to first check the program page for ads before you start promoting it to avoid such a situation

Affiliate Programs That Have A Bad Review Online

When you are choosing an affiliate program go onto google and type the name of the program and make sure you check the reviews from forums. Most people on forums are not paid to say what they are saying so they will probably be honest about their review. If a program has too many bad reviews stay away from it, you do not want to be their next victim.

When you are doing your research make sure you check if the program you are thinking of promoting pays on time and pays the full amount of money you would have earned.

There are other programs that have a habit of penalizing affiliates for things that were never mentioned in their terms and conditions make sure you also stay away from these.

Affiliate Programs That Link To Other Stores

Lets say you have joined an affiliate program that has other stores or programs make sure you get paid for the up sells or cross sells that they make from your traffic. If they do not do this just stay away from them and look for another progWhat Is A Legit Affiliate Program?am there are many programs out there that you can work with.

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