What Are Some Good Platforms For Affiliate Marketing?

What Are Some Good Platforms For Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in 2021 and as a beginner you will always want to use some good platforms for affiliate marketing out there. Platforms that are beginner friendly and which will provide you with the best materiel to make your affiliate marketing journey easy.

I remember when I was a beginner a couple of years ago and all I wanted to do was to be part of an affiliate network that pays well and pays on time. A network that was going to provide me with the best resources for me as a beginner to be successful.

I did a thorough research and today I have compiled for you a list of 3 affiliate networks that I have used as a beginner and found to be the best for beginners.


Maxbounty is one of the best beginner friendly networks out there, what I like about this network is that they have weekly payouts as a beginner you will find this handy if you are driving paid traffic to your affiliate offers. You will need money to keep your traffic going to your offers and as a beginner money is something you don’t have so these weekly payouts from maxbounty will help you keep your business running.

However, you have to know that the first month of you joining maxbounty and meeting the payment thrash hold which is $100. Maxbounty will not give you the payout in a week because they will first check the quality of your leads and whether your traffic is not fraudulent traffic. Therefore, the first payment will be a month after reaching the payment thrash hold.

Maxbounty has over 1500 offers and most of them are cost per action (CPA) these are the best offers for a beginner because you just need to encourage someone to sign up or register for a particular offer.

Maxbounty has only two payment methods which is payment through payoneer and also thorough your Bank at some point in time they used to send payments through Bitcoin but they stopped.To open a maxbounty account you can do so here

Banner Edge Media

This is one of my favorite affiliate networks, this is because the conversion rate for the offers is way better than on maxbounty. The other thing is that the payouts are usually more than on other affiliate networks. For example an affiliate product that pays $3 on another network may payout $3.25 on Banner edge media.

I know you are saying what is 25 cents but trust me if you send 1000 leads to that offer that 25c translates to $250 more. The only disadvantage is that it sends payments on a monthly bases so as a beginner that money you need to buy traffic from platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram will be hard to find.

Banner edge media only sends out payouts through bank transfer.


This is also a great platform for affiliate marketing beginners, this network has most tier 2 and tier 3 offers which means if you are looking for offers to promote outside the united states this is the best affiliate marketing network to go for. As a beginner you should know that tier 1 traffic is very expensive and it will really be hard for you to be profitable if you start with offers that target this type of traffic.

However, the main disadvantage of Adcombo is that their offers are cash on delivery (COD) this means you will get your commission when the person gets the delivery. Most people buy things impulsively and when the delivery comes they will have changed their minds about the purchase.

Wealthy Affiliate

I decided to add a bonus platform for you which you will find handy when it comes to creating landing pages and niche sites for your affiliate offers. This is a platform that has millions of affiliates like you and who are willing to help you in your journey

You will get to watch lessons that give you a step by step guide to creating landing pages and your first niche site. You will also be able to host up to 10 websites for just as little as $50 a month. To learn more about wealthy affiliate you can do it here.

What I have learned about affiliate marketing over the years

As a beginner when I started affiliate marketing I thought this was a get-rich-quick business and all I needed to do was get one offer and make millions and travel the world. However it is not like that. Here are some 3 lessons I have learned over the years.

1. Stick to free traffic in the beginning- Trying to start your affiliate marketing business with paid traffic will have you using money that you do not have to send traffic to affiliate offers that in some cases do not convert and this means the money you used will not return. The more this happens it will lead you to quitting.

2. Do not buy too many Courses – Buying too many courses from m the gurus out there will lead to paralysis you won’t execute because you are over feeding your mind with things that you may not use. Just stick to one course and execute it.

3. Build your Audience – Do not wait until later to build your email list. You have no control over all the platforms that you get traffic from the only traffic that you have control over is email traffic because you own it.

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