How Can You Make Money Online In A Developing Country?

How Can You Make Money Online In A Developing Country?Living in a developing country can be very hard, the salaries that you get may be way below the minimum wage. Meaning you are not able to afford all those things that you want. This is why most people explore other ways of making more money such as migrating from their home country but this may not be the case you want to pursue that is why you want to know how can you make money online in a developing country?

There are so many options of making money from a developing country and the nice part is that you earn in USA currency which in most cases is stronger than most of the currencies in developing nations. That on its own can go a long way in how you use your money.

Forex Trading

In countries such as South Africa and Nigeria most young people are getting into the forex trading business to make money online. This is where you buy and sell currencies online through what is known as a forex broker. This however is a very risky business since only five percent of the people that trade forex online make money. Meaning 95% of the people that trade it loses their money.

Do not be discouraged by the percentage of people that lose money though because a lot of people are becoming millionaires overnight by just trading forex. This is the biggest financial market in the world with over 5 trillion dollars being traded on a daily bases. There are so many young people like Sandile Shezi from South Africa who become Millionaires by doing this.

What you need to start trading forex?

  1. Cell Phone/Computer
  2. Mt4 Trader or Mt5
  3. A forex broker
  4. A minimum of $5 trading capital

Here Is a List of Brokers that you can use to start trading forex

  • Xm Global – The minimum deposit for Xm is $5
  • Avatrade – The minimum deposit is $100
  • Esness – The minimum deposit is $10
  • Hotforex -The minimum deposit is $50

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way that peoples in developing countries are making money online. This is a very low barrier to entry online business with limited to no capital needed to start it. Affiliate marketing is similar to network marketing which is done by most peoples in developing countries. However unlike network marketing you do not need to purchase a product to be able to promote it.

You are given a commission if a user purchase a product or signs up for a program through your affiliate link. The most capital you might need to venture into this business is $50 per year, which is for web hosting.

Here are a few things that you will need to start this online business.

  1. Affiliate Network – This is where you will get offers or products to promote.
  2. Landing Page – This is a web page that you will need to create in order to warm up your visitors before your send them to the offer or product page.
  3. Traffic Source – You will need a place where you will get people that are willing to buy or signup for the product that your are promoting. This can be on Facebook, Google or Twitter. You can promote you product through free methods or paid method, depending on what works well for you.

List of Affiliate Networks

  • Maxbounty – This is an affiliate network that is bigginner friendly and has over 1500 products and offers that you can promote, most of the offers on maxbounty are CPA or cost per action, which means you get paid for an action a user makes such is a form submit or a sign up.
  • Banner Edge Media – This is also another bigginer friendly affiliate network with many CPA offers
  • Click Bank – Click bank has many CPS offers and is a great platform if you now know what you are doing. This is not a go to platform if you are a complete beginner

Taking Surveys Online

You can also get paid or make money online by taking surveys, most companies pay for your opinion so that they make their products better. You can be paid as low as $1 per survey to as much as $50 per survey. This a great way to make money online since no capital will be needed to start this business. However the hard part is finding reputable companies that are willing to work with people from developing nations. Most of the companies that you will find are scams.

Drop Shipping

Another way to earn money online is to create a drop shipping store, this can be done through platforms such as . With this business model you will not need any inventory, all you need is to choose a niche that you like and get a supplier on aliexpress that is willing to do dropshipping. You advertise the product and then when someone purchases it you go to the supplier and purchase the product and put the customer’s name and shipping address, its just that easy.

Teaching English Online

Other peoples in developing nations make money online by teaching english to peoples in Asia that are willing to learn. I know you must be say I want to teach but how will I find peoples in Asia that are willing to learn from me. Here is where companies such as bibo global come in. They have 1000s if not 100 of thousands of students that want to be taught. All you need to do this are a set of headphones and a laptop. They pay $5 per hour long lesson.

As you have seen there are so many ways that you can make money online from a developing nation. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing you may also be interested in this: How Do You Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

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