Understanding PropellerAds Payment Methods

PropellerAds is a popular advertising network that enables advertisers to reach their target audience across the web. With a wide range of ad formats and targeting options, PropellerAds is a go-to for advertisers looking to drive traffic and conversions. For publishers, PropellerAds offers an opportunity to monetize their website traffic by displaying ads. One common question among publishers is how PropellerAds pays and what payment methods are available. In this blog post, we’ll explore PropellerAds payment methods and how you can get paid for displaying ads on your website.

1. PropellerAds Payment Models
2. PropellerAds Payment Methods
3. Payment Thresholds
4. Payment Frequency
5. Payment Issues and Support

PropellerAds Payment Models:

PropellerAds offers two payment models: CPM (cost per mile) and CPC (cost per click). CPM refers to the amount an advertiser pays for every 1,000 ad impressions, while CPC refers to the amount paid for each click on the ad. As a publisher, you’ll earn revenue based on the payment model chosen by the advertiser.

PropellerAds Payment Methods:

PropellerAds offers several payment methods, including PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer. PayPal is a popular payment option among publishers due to its ease of use and low transaction fees. ePayments, WebMoney, and Payoneer are also popular options, particularly for publishers outside the United States. Wire Transfer is a suitable option for publishers who prefer to receive payment directly to their bank account.

Payment Thresholds:

PropellerAds has a minimum payment threshold of $5 for PayPal and Payoneer, $50 for ePayments and WebMoney, and $500 for Wire Transfer. This means that you’ll need to earn at least the minimum payment threshold before you can request payment. It’s worth noting that PropellerAds charges a fixed fee for each payment method, which ranges from $1 to $50, depending on the payment method chosen.

Payment Frequency:

PropellerAds pays publishers on a NET 30 basis, which means that you’ll receive payment 30 days after the end of the month in which you earned revenue. For example, if you earned revenue in January, you’ll receive payment in March. If you’ve earned revenue in multiple months, PropellerAds will combine the earnings and pay you in a single payment. It’s important to note that payment processing times may vary depending on the payment method chosen.

Payment Issues and Support:

If you encounter any payment issues or have questions about payment, PropellerAds offers customer support via email and live chat. You can contact their support team for help with payment-related issues, such as missing payments or payment delays.


PropellerAds offers several payment options for publishers, including PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer. Payment thresholds and processing times vary depending on the payment method chosen. If you have any payment-related issues, PropellerAds provides customer support via email and live chat. By understanding PropellerAds payment methods, you can ensure that you receive payment for displaying ads on your website.

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